Who is trying to hack into your website?

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If you have a web site it is almost a guarantee that someone is trying to hack into it.

Word Press is probably the most popular CMS (content management system) used today to build websites. Because so many sites are created with it. it is frequently targeted by hackers. How do they know it is a Word Press site? There are telltale footprints left behind. And  you can search Google for those footprints to find most web sites built with Word Press.

How do you tell if someone is trying to hack into your website?

Is your site being attacked by hackersYou need to have some analytics on your site. They can tell you what I.P. is trying to gain access to your admin panel. You can see what country their I.P. is associated with. You can even tell what ISP they are using with some basic online detective work.

How do you protect your site from being hacked?

There are 2 primary areas that you can focus on. The first is the Word Press default options that are used when the website is first setup.  Admin is the default used for installing and maintaining the site. Do not use the default. Change it! The second is using applications that add security features to the admin panel.

What can security applications do?

They can secure the admin panel by limiting the number of logon attempts. And can email you alerts if someone gets locked out exceeding that number. You can block specific I.P. addresses, ranges or even entire countries from seeing your website which may help deter them from wanting to hack your web site.

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