Top 5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

From maximizing content marketing campaigns to driving traffic, Search Engine Optimization is indeed every small business’ best friend. In fact, through effective site optimization, your business can expand and reach new markets all while building your brand. What’s even better is the fact that SEO has evolved over the years from a ‘trivial game of link popularity’ to what it was supposed to be from the start; relevant and high quality content from trusted sources. As you can imagine, this has only worked to increase SEO’s popularity in the online business world. It is in the light of such information that the following read provides you with 6 reasons why you should consider hiring a small business SEO service.

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Embrace SEO

  1. Search engines command more market share

Did you know that almost 85% of consumers check for product information online before making a purchase? It gets even better, the number is expected to rise with time meaning it won’t be long before the whole world goes virtual and searches for products and services through search engines. It therefore stands to reason that your site should be easily available online if you want your customers to locate you. Otherwise, potential customers will have a hard time finding you and instead settle for your competitors.

  1. Having a healthy content profile is essential

As you have probably noticed, things that didn’t exist a while ago such as social media indicators, now have the center stage and impact your rankings greatly. On the same line, not having a healthy content profile is now considered detrimental to the health of your online business since Google keenly evaluates content when crawling through your site. With an effective SEO strategy however, you stand to gain much (higher rank, increased traffic).

  1. Cost Effective

When compared to other online marketing tools such as PPC advertising, email marketing programs and social media marketing, SEO provides good return of investment (ROI). And while you may consider social media marketing as important for your image or argue that PPC drives in more revenue, SEO will always be a bedrock for your online presence.

  1. Gain a competitive edge

In any business, if you are not moving forward or improving your position, you’re probably losing ground to a competitor. Thus, as more and more small businesses continue to take their ventures online, refusing to go virtual would only lead to a loss or market and revenue to say the least. It only stands to reason that you should embrace this valuable marketing tool rather than let your competitors out maneuver you.

  1. SEO won’t stop working anytime soon

As search engines continue to evolve and improve, it is rather clear that SEO will be around for a much longer time. Plus, even if we ever switch to video and audio searches, SEO techniques will always be relevant as any search ultimately depends on keywords just as traditional text-based content.

  1. Local optimization and mobile bandwidth are gaining popularity

It is expected that by the end of this year, the traffic delivered to mobile devices will exceed that delivered to desktop devices. As you can imagine, this dramatic explosion in mobile usage has created fertile grounds for creation of effective SEO techniques such as local search optimization which are beneficial to small businesses.

At the moment, organic search rankings could not be more important. However, the ranking factors have shifted from being backlink-centered to being content-centered, further echoing the fact that having a healthy content profile is important. Still, even with all the reasons mention above, you should employ much caution when choosing an SEO agent to optimize your site. Here are some red flags to keeps your eyes peeled out of for;

Guarantees– No one can guarantee results on search engines. Therefore, unless Google miraculously happens to have a soft spot for your agent, which is quite unlikely, there is not a single person on earth that can guarantee you the #1 coveted spot or cataclysmic changes on your organic traffic.

Instant results– Unlike giving guarantees, getting instant results is actually possible. The only problem is that your agent will need to use black hat SEO to get you those results. While this may work for a while, and make you quite impressed too, it goes without saying that the results will be short lived.

Rock bottom prices– As irresistible as cheap SEO might be, we all know that there’s always a catch. In this case, any SEO company that charges less than $750 a month should definitely be crossed off the list.

Make no mistake, SEO is the make-or-break factor for your business; get the best SEO company and watch your small business rake in giant profits