Has your web server been hacked?

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How secure is your web server?

Nowadays it is common to hear about large corporations customer data being stolen. What that means is they got hacked. But large companies are not the only ones getting targeted. Everyday there are people trying to gain access for various reasons to web servers that are not theirs .

Where do you look and what do you look for?

How can you tell if you have been hit by a www (worthless web weasel)? One of the best ways is to have analytical tracking on your website. Not only does it help see if someone has accessed your web hosting server and added bogus web pages but also gives you information about your real visitors and what pages are the most popular on your web site. It also can be a great source for tracking ROI on your ad campaigns. We put basic analytics on every site we build, as part of our standard hosting package.

One of my web host server’s was recently hacked.

I was looking at my website analytics as I do every day and noticed some traffic from China. Being a rather suspicious person I started looking around my site and servers to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. Sure enough I found files and folders that I did not create sitting on my server.

What can you do if your web server is hit?

Contact your web host and have your servers scanned. Sometimes that is all you will need. Mine was a little more involved. The scans did not remove the files and folders that were piggybacked on my server. I had to go through the entire server and manually remove them. As I was removing them they were being added back on to the web server.

There is still something on the server, now what do you do?

Obviously the scans missed something. Next step is to go through the files on the server one by one and look for any that shouldn’t be there. If you are not sure if a particular file is legitimate or not, try renaming it first and see if it effects the functionality of your website.

When all else fails.

What if you can’t find and remove all the files that were uploaded to your web server by the attacker? You may have to delete your web files and reload your site. Do not try this if you don’t know what you are doing. Get help from someone that is familiar with website files and web hosting servers.

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