Do you need a mobile website?

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Why do you need a mobile website?

if your customers are likely to search for your product or service from a mobile device like a cell phone, iPad, etc. then yes you need a mobile website. At the very least your website needs to be mobile friendly. Likely services that people will look for on their mobile devices could be a locksmith, tow truck company, car repair shop.

What is the difference between a mobile friendly website and a mobile website?

Responsive Web DesignA mobile friendly site is a standard desktop web site that is viewable on mobile devices. Now imagine seeing your website that is formatted for a 17″ or bigger monitor being viewed on a 3″ cell phone screen. A mobile friendly web site will display fewer words of text per line so it is readable on the smaller screens of mobile devices. The smaller the screen the more you will have to scroll down to read a paragraph.

A mobile site is typically an abbreviated version of your full site. Generally it will have less text because it is not needed. If someone locks their keys in their car they are typically interested in calling the first locksmith then can easily find on their phone, not reading about what a locksmith is or does. Also a mobile website will have mobile device specific options like tap to call buttons.

How do you tell if your website is mobile friendly?

Google does have a free tool to check your website for mobile friendly compatibility. Just go to this link and type in your web page address and click on the Analyze button.

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